Zog – Frozen Yogurt in Palermo

New Year’s resolutions don’t seem to be a big thing in Argentina. However, some of you may be on a calorie count to shed the gluttony of the holidays. It’s tough with all of the ice cream (helado) shops beckoning you with creamy treats and air conditioning. Not to fear, there is an alternative that will keep you from melting in the heat that’s still a healthy snack – frozen yogurt.

The Healthy Alternative

A staple of Zog’s marketing campaigns is the healthiness of their product. The ice-cream-esque dessert is high in calcium and vitamins A and D. It also has healthy good-for-the-stomach bacteria such as actobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus – say those five times fast! Their website boasts that a small cup of their plain yogurt is very low in fat, has no sugar, and less calories than two carrots.

Flavors & Taste

Could something so healthy taste that good? It does. Of course, in a head-to-head competition of sheer yumminess it might lose to the uber unhealthy helado options around the corner. However, if you’re trying to be good but your sweet tooth is in dire need – it’s great. When I visited, there were two flavor options, plain and maracuya (passion fruit), or a third of both mixed together. I tried the plain, which has a slight sweetness and yogurty tang.

What if you aren’t trying to be good? Well, you’re covered. Zog has over 20 different toppings to choose from. You can load down your cup with sinful delights such as chocolate chips, cookie bits, M & M’s, or sprinkles and get a pour of one of the flavored syrups for good measure. Otherwise, there’s a variety of fresh fruit including blackberries, mango, kiwi, strawberries, and melon. Or, for an added crunch, granola, almonds, and cereals. Zog has over 20 different toppings. If you’re not into the yogurt they also offer smoothies, liquados, and an iced tea flavored with ginger and orange. If you’re feeling super-healthy, you can get a shot of wheat grass with an orange juice chaser.

Location & Decor

There are a few spots in Palermo where you can get frozen yogurt. However, Zog has one of the best locations next to Plaza Armenia. With a terrific view of the plaza you can stand at the front of the store and watch the dogs and children bandy about amongst the trees. There are also colorful and modern couches at the back of the store where you can enjoy your yogurt in the cool. The back wall is a window which butts up against a small courtyard which was flooded with light when I was there. The walls are playfully adorned with long legged cartoon birds of many different colors.

There is another, new, location in the Alto Palermo mall. You can see pictures of that location on Zog’s Facebook page

Zog – Frozen Yogurt in Palermo

Address: Costa Rica 4560, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Hours: Monday & Tuesday: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. // Wednesday to Sunday: 11 a.m. to Midnight


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