We will keep you on the well-trodden ‘must see sites’ and we will show
you the hidden restaurant and eateries that you would otherwise miss.

buenos aires food tours

Enjoy a culinary tour of the exotic & chic Buenos Aires, where the traditional food is a mixture of cuisines from all over Europe due to the large numbers of people who immigrated to Argentina during the colorful history of our country. Add to that ingredients and cooking techniques brought by the indigenous, inspirations from the mestizos and gauchos and you have one of the most amazing cuisines in the world.

“Buenos Aires’s First Culinary Walking Tours”

The ‘real’ Buenos Aires is also away from the manicured areas so that you can
get a flavor of the cafes and restaurantsthat are local favorites – and the food,
wine and beverages that the locals love to eat and drink.




La Boca Food Tour

Friendly and informative, delicious walking food tour through La Boca’s historic neighborhood. It is situated close to the old port – a working class barrio that is also home to Maradonna’s old beloved Boca Juniors.


san telmo neighborhoodSan Telmo Food Tour

Discover the sights and flavors of San Telmo’s most delicious kitchens
San Telmo is the oldest barrio (district) of Buenos Aires and has taken on a rather bohemian aspect. It is characterized by…


recoleta food tourLa Recoleta Food Tour

Experience the real character and personality of the city’s posh neighborhood
A cultural, architectural and historical tour of La Recoleta while tasting your way through the neighborhood.


We will sample delicious food from the best empanadas the city has to offer, a slice of faina, a cortadito, exceptional wines, a choripan, the best beef in town, and much more while you learn the history of each of the areas we operate. At Buenos Aires Food Tours will show you how to be a local in a few hours, and give you foodie insights so you know where the best places are located. Whatever is your preference, a culinary tour of Buenos Aires will enable you to taste the wide variety of culinary delights that are the hallmark of this great passionate city.


The guides are native Argentinians who are are friendly, personable &
passionate about food! Oh and we all speak fluent English.

We are local foodies with a passion about our city who know where to go and what to miss. We crafted three culinary tours; the San Telmo Food Tour, La Boca Food Tour and the Recoleta Food Tour to show locals and visitors the best spots to grab savory bites while telling the history, architecture and culture of each of the neighborhoods we visit.


Buenos Aires Food Tours is a small boutique tour service that offers personalized tours. We like to keep our tours small. With us, you have your own local contact and food concierge! We want you to feel like you have a friend or family member to ask for suggestions, ideas and opinions. We are more than just food, we are an exclusive experience.

La boca

We love to eat and dine the “Argentine way” which it is always with a superb glass of wine either being a Malbec or Torrontes.

Buenos Aires Food Tours not only is about tasting the best bits and bites on each barrio but serves as an introduction to the different neighborhoods – with a local’ point of view, and we believe nobody should leave our magnificent city without seeing the real Buenos Aires, such as the wonderful architecture and the old traditional streets and courts including the conventillos, the tenement houses that share a door out into the courtyard.

You will discover the richness of Argentinean cuisine in barrios ranging from the richest to the modest working-class neighborhood. You will get a taste of the great quality of the wine produced that Argentina is so famous for. We will keep you on the well-trodden ‘must see sites’, and we will show you the hidden restaurant and eateries that you would otherwise miss.

The ‘real’ Buenos Aries is also away from the manicured areas so you can get a flavor of the cafes and restaurants the locals hand out at, and the food, wine and beverages that the locals love to eat and drink.

Buenos Aires Food Tours bring you culinary tours that will provide you with an unforgettable experience of Buenos Aries, a typically Argentinean city born largely from immigration and a stewpot of different cultures. An unmissable, unforgettable and unbeatable way to spend a few hours with a bi-lingual local guide.


Skye Brannon

writer and artist born in Norman, Oklahoma.

Raised on her parents’ skydiving business she has always been and adventurer at heart. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Information Technology, Skye followed her curiosity to a small island in the South Pacific and became Peace Corps volunteer in Samoa. After that, it was a short two years in Dallas, Texas followed by more adventures. After walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and going to Burning Man in Nevada, Skye and her partner, Charlie, were ready for some South American intrigue.

Skye arrived in Argentina February of 2010, traveled for two months, and found her home base in the hustle bustle of Buenos Aires. Since then she’s been making her way across the gastronomic landscape of Buenos Aires and beyond. Whether it’s the classic Argentine parrilla or break-out vegetarian café, Skye is excited to try it and even more excited to tell you about it.

Skye has worked as an IT recruiter, salesperson, artist, and freelance writer to fund her adventures in the Southern Hemisphere. Currently she is the guide on About.com for Argentina Travel at goargentina.about.com. She has also written for several other online publications and was delighted to become a part of the Buenos Aires Food Tours team.

Some Photography is provided by an amazing artist Graciela Piccardi, visit her blog at Malena Tango

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

Fill out the form on the right hand side, we will get back to you promptly with availability details. If there are available spaces, we will send you a deposit request using PayPal services. A deposit is required to reserve your spot. The remaining is due in cash to your guide at the end of the tour.


How much walking is involved?

We walk about 6-10 blocks on all of the food tours we operate.


Where do we meet?

We meet at a central location on each of the neighborhoods we operate. The meeting point details are disclosed once deposit has been completed. We walk to the different restaurants and food parlors.


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Remember our tours are walking food tours so make sure to wear shoes that allow you to be walking comfortably.


How long are the tours?

Normally tours are about three hours long. Please make sure to arrive on time so that you do not delay the group. We allow 5 minutes grace period when waiting for guests but please make sure to allow enough time to get to the meeting location as the tour guide will have to start the tour without you if you arrive more than 5 minutes late.


Are the walking tours given in bad weather?

We conduct tours rain or shine! In case of extreme weather conditions (which by the way it almost never happen in Buenos Aires because we do not have hurricanes, snow storms, earthquakes, etc.) but we can get heavy rain but still even when it rains we do conduct the tours. Please make sure to check weather conditions and dress appropriately.


Is the food served enough for lunch?

Yes, we hear from our guests that after the tour lunch is not needed. Please make sure to have breakfast before the tour.


Does the tour guide accepts gratuities?

Yes, in the tourism industry it is customary to tip 15% of the ticket price. If you enjoyed the tour, tips although not mandatory are highly appreciated.


Does the tour accommodates vegetarians?

Well, you are in a country that eats two or three servings of meat a day but we will be happy to accommodate your request. Usually there is one stop that meat cannot be substituted but on most stops you can gave vegetarian alternatives. Please make sure to communicate to the tour guide at the beginning of the tour that you will not be eating meat so he/she is aware and can give you alternatives at each stop.


Can shopping be done during the tour?

It all depends on the size of the group. Your guide will assess if time allows for shopping but we rather have you spend the time learning about the neighborhood and then when the tour ends you will know your options!


When do you recommend taking the tour?

We highly recommend that you take the tour at the beginning of your trip to Buenos Aires so that you then know the many options for dinning available. Also, think about like your friends in Buenos Aires, you can email us or call us with questions after you took the tour.


Can I book a private tour?

Yes, we offer private tours and are available upon request. We also offer customized private tours where a guide can take you to different restaurants and transportation will be provided.


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