buenos aires food tours

Buenos Aires Food Tours

We will keep you on the well-trodden ‘must see sites’ – and we will show you the hidden restaurant and eateries that you would otherwise miss.

Enjoy a culinary tour of the exotic & chic Buenos Aires, where the traditional food is a mixture of cuisines from all over Europe due to the large numbers of people who immigrated to Argentina during the colorful history of our country. Add to that ingredients and cooking techniques brought by the indigenous, inspirations from the mestizos and gauchos and you have one of the most amazing cuisines in the world.

“Buenos Aires’s First Culinary Walking Tours”

The ‘real’ Buenos Aires is also away from the manicured areas so that you can get a
flavor of the cafes and restaurants that are local favorites – and the food,
wine and beverages that the locals love to eat and drink.


La Boca Food Tour

Friendly and informative, delicious walking food tour through La Boca’s historic neighborhood. It is situated close to the old port – a working class barrio that is also home to Maradonna’s old beloved Boca Juniors. La Boca Food Tour

san telmo neighborhoodSan Telmo Food Tour

Discover the sights and flavors of San Telmo’s most delicious kitchens
San Telmo is the oldest barrio (district) of Buenos Aires and has taken on a rather bohemian aspect. It is characterized by…
San Telmo Food Tour

recoleta food tourLa Recoleta Food Tour

Experience the real character and personality of the city’s posh neighborhood
A cultural, architectural and historical tour of La Recoleta while tasting your way through the neighborhood. Details: Recoleta Food Tour

We will sample delicious food from the best empanadas the city has to offer, a slice of faina, a cortadito, exceptional wines, a choripan, the best beef in town, and much more while you learn the history of each of the areas we operate. At Buenos Aires Food Tours will show you how to be a local in a few hours, and give you foodie insights so you know where the best places are located.

Whatever is your preference, a culinary tour of Buenos Aires will enable you to taste the wide variety of culinary delights that are the hallmark of this great passionate city.

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