We will keep you on the well-trodden ‘must see sites’ and we’ll show you the hidden gems ( restaurant & eateries ) that you would otherwise miss.

buenos aires food tours

“Buenos Aires’s First Culinary Walking Tours”

The ‘real’ Buenos Aires is also away from the manicured areas so that you can discover local’s favorites where we love to eat and drink.

Enjoy a culinary tour of the exotic & chic Buenos Aires, where the traditional food is a mixture of cuisines from all over Europe due to the large numbers of people who immigrated to Argentina during the colorful history of our country. Add to that ingredients and cooking techniques brought by the indigenous, inspirations from the mestizos & gauchos and you have one of the most amazing cuisines in the world.

We will have lunch while tasting some of the best beef and wine you have ever had! ( we promise ). At Buenos Aires Food Tours we will show you how to be a local in a few hours, and give you the insights so that you learn where the best restaurants are located. Our culinary tours of Buenos Aires offer a wide variety of edible delights that are the hallmark of this great passionate city.


La Boca Food Tour

Friendly and informative, delicious walking food tour through La Boca’s historic neighborhood. It is situated close to the old port – a working class barrio that is also home to Maradonna’s old beloved Boca Juniors.

san telmo neighborhoodSan Telmo Food Tour

Discover the sights and flavors of San Telmo’s most delicious kitchens
San Telmo is the oldest barrio (district) of Buenos Aires and has taken on a rather bohemian aspect. It is characterized by…

recoleta food tourLa Recoleta Food Tour

Experience the real character and personality of the city’s posh neighborhood
A cultural, architectural and historical tour of La Recoleta while tasting your way through the neighborhood.

Past Guest Reviews

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Amazing BA food tour in San Telmo with Jorge

We scheduled this food tour in San Telmo and could not have imagined a more amazing experience. Jorge is so knowledgeable, friendly, and fun to spend time with. He took us to two great restaurants where he paired delicious Argentinean wines with each of the courses we ate. Bring your appetite because the food, the wine and the company are fantastic! He also took us on a walking tour where he shared the history of the barrio, the San Telmo Market, and more. We then topped off a great day with our first mate tasting. One of my favorite pictures from this trip is that of Jorge and I drinking mate together! We highly recommend this tour.

Best food experience in La Boca!

Our guide was Jorge, if you have the chance of requesting a guide definitely ask for him! I picked La Boca tour and it was the best decision ever, this is a very touristic place but over the years it has become a little bit insecure and honestly for someone that is not familiar with the area and is going on their own it could be a little tricky to find good places to eat even with the help of TripAdvisor or similar apps.

We tried different and typical Argentinian dishes that normally we wouldn’t have asked for if we had gone on our own. We definitely had a culinary and delicious experience with this tour. If you are foodie I totally recommend you this activity you would no only eat delicious food but you’ll have an amazing time and very good memories!

“Best way to explore Argentina’s rich food culture ”

We spent a wonderful afternoon in San Telmo district with Jorge. He researches his destinations thoroughly and took us to places where they knew him and he knew exactly what to order for us. We love red wine so we lingered longer and enjoyed another excellent bottle over our short ribs BBQ. You will eat and drink plenty on this tour and it is great value. Jorge shared a lot of cultural insight with us along the way. The open air square for coffee and dulce de leche sweets at the end was beautiful. We got so many good restaurant tips too.
Highly recommended for a relaxed afternoon of great food, wine and company.