Sattva Conciencia Vegetariana

There is a high density of classic Argentina parillas in the Congreso area of Buenos Aires. However, if you’re looking for lighter fare, Sattva Conciencia Vegetariana offers a variety of vegetarian dishes. Opened in March of 2007 by Germán Coluccio, who, as a child, tried to help his mother, aunts, and grandmas in the kitchen when ever he had the chance. Sattva offers a healthy choice and commitment to the environment with dishes prepared with organic ingredients grown in environmentally friendly ways.


Each day offers a new lunch specials menu at Sattva. You may also order off of their standard menu, but at $28ARG pesos for the specials, it’s a hard deal to pass up. The day we went, the five options included: stuffed squash, Seitan (meat substitute) sandwich, vegetarian burrito, zucchini rolls, or a tomato and ricotta quiche. We selected the stuffed squash and vegetarian “burrito” and then swapped one for one.

While we waited for our dishes, we nibbled on (dry) wheat bread and the beet-pure spread that came with it, which was nothing special. Luckily, the main dishes were better than this first offering, albeit after a dusting of salt on everything.

Vegetarian Burrito: These were less burrito and more like tacos using crepes instead of tortillas. However, nit-picky naming observations aside, the wheat crepe and shredded vegetable fillings had an excellent texture and flavor. Shredded cabbage and carrots accompanied the burrito, but needed oil and vinegar to jazz it up.

Stuffed Squash: This was the star of the meal. The bright orange squash was perfectly cooked, neither too mushy or raw, and filled with a tasty mixture of quinoa and vegetables crowned with some kind of creamy cheese. A mound of cooked beets and lightly-curried carrot ribbons were served alongside.

I should mention that we eye-balled all of the plates coming out of the kitchen to get a feel for those we had not ordered. Every plate had a high pile of vegetables or salads at its center and plentiful servings of yummy looking main courses situated at the sides.


Sattva offers coffee as well as a variety of teas and fresh juices. We tried the juice of the day, orange and basil, and a very tart lemonade. Both were perfect to wash down the meal.


With a high ceiling, natural wood furniture, and large front window the dining area of Sattva is crowded but friendly. Framed paintings of fruits and vegetables adorn the walls, as well as a few Hindu statuettes here and there. During the lunch hour there is a sense of urgency. Sattva bills itself as an healthy lunch option for the many workers that flow out of large government and business buildings around Congreso. It is apparent that the set-up is for a quick meal before people must get back on the clock. The lunch specials are offered on stand-up table pieces ready for quick order-by-number. We also got our check and change in record time for Buenos Aires.


Address: Montevideo 446, Congreso, Buenos Aires


Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm

Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 p.m. to Close (Kitchen closes at 1 a.m.)