Bardot Restobar

There are many discreet, tucked-away restaurants in Buenos Aires that would go unnoticed if you didn’t have insider knowledge of their existence. Bardot is not one of them. In fact, the elegant golden script on its outer window, purple exterior, elegant dark red painted walls, and leather couches are all siren like lures into this Peruvian restaurant and pisco bar. Given its location in restaurant-rich Palermo Soho, it is no surprise that Bardot goes to great lengths to set itself apart, which it does.

Bardot Restobar Menu & Food

Just as flashy as its exterior, the Bardot menu is pretty to look at. It, thankfully, has descriptions of its offerings in English and artfully done photos of dishes that will have you drooling before your waiter has time to take a drink order. Flavors of the sea are dominant players on the menu which has a variety of ceviches, soups, and main courses full of octopus, prawns, squid, and other creatures from the deep. There are a few beef offerings as well, and no vegetarian options to be seen as far as I could tell.

We tried one beef and one mixed seafood dish. “Arroz morado con lomo al grille en salsa teriyaki” translates to “purple rice with beef loin in teriyaki sauce.” The beef was perfectly cooked and accompanied by half-cut mushrooms that had a meaty texture, both a terrific compliment to the purple rice and sweet teriyaki tang. The mixed seafood plate came with prawns, tiny squid, clams, and calamari atop black beans in a savory and rich red sauce. There was a slight toughness to some of the pieces, but all in all the flavors were well blended and pleasing.

Pisco & Cocktail Bar

There is a running contention between Chile and Peru as to who invented the grape brandy called pisco and who does it best. Whichever side you’re on, you’re a winner if you like this powerful alcohol. Bardot has a long list of pisco cocktails on its menu and is equipped to make more traditional cocktails as well. The Malbec served with our dinner was excellent, and just one selection from their long vino list. The bar is as elegant as the rest of the restaurant too, with curious concoctions fermenting on the long, skinny bar and a landscape of colorful bottles lining the back wall.

Service & Ambiance

Both the waiter and manager for the evening were particularly friendly and helpful when we dined at Bardot. They were prepared to speak English if needed, but seemed a bit relieved when we bombarded them with our slow and stuttering castellano.

If it hasn’t been hit home yet – Bardot is a very chic restaurant. Glittering chandeliers dangle from the high ceilings, white table cloths drape the tables, and stuffed couches of varies colors line the wine hued walls. There is a distinct sense of Peruvian pride made evident by books, dolls, artwork, and a Peruvian flag tucked in an indentation in the wall. Bardot is for special dinners, drinks before dancing, and, of course, a delightful seafood fix in a stylish place.

By Contributor Writer Skye Brannon 

Bardot Restobar

Lunch: Tuesday to Sunday 12:30 pm to 4pm

Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday 8 pm to Midnight

Closed on Mondays

Contact & Information

Address: Honduras 5237, Palermo Soho

Phone: 4831-1112