Antares: Micro-Brewery and Bar in Argentina

Beer Bar in Buenos Aires

The Antares beer sampler. Photo courtesy of Skye Brannon.

Of course Argentina is known for its wine, wine, and wine – but let’s not forget that there are a few micro-breweries in the wings. These spots are worth reserving a night or two or four filled with brews and bar food. Antares is one such place, a micro-brewery (artisanal beer bar) with twelve locations scattered across Argentina – including one in Palermo Soho and another in Las Canitas.

Cerveza Artisanal – Artisanal Beer

Opened in 1994, this Argentina micro-brewery has fine tuned its recipes that’s resulted in a terrific line-up of crafted beers. There is a beer for every taste on the Antares menu. If you’re in to heavy, dark beers – the Imperial Stout should make you happy with a smooth taste that incorporates flavors of tobacco, raisins, and coffee. If that doesn’t do it, the 8.5% alcohol will! If a sweeter, lighter brew is more your style, try the Honey beer.

Other beers on the menu include Kolsch, Scotch Ale, Porter, Cream Stout, Barley Wine, and usually a brew master’s special that can be anything from green been (for St. Patrick’s Day) to an Oktoberfest. Can’t decide? The crew at Antares has the perfect solution for the indecisive beer drinker: the sampler. Get all the beers on tap in adorable little tasting glasses, all with a table mat that tells which is which and friendly instruction on the order in which you should taste and try.

For those of you who have not acquired the taste for cerveza, not to worry. Antares has a full bar menu complete with whiskies, cocktails, champagne, and, of course, wine. For the teetotaler, or driver, they have the traditional non-alcoholic drinks as well.


Of course, man and lady cannot survive on beer alone. The menu at Antares is a perfect mix of traditional Argentina favorites such as bife de ojo (steak) and empanadas as well as the bar food an American expects to find at his local watering-hole including some of the best onion-rings offered in the city, nachos, burgers, and pizzas. Again, catering to the indecisive, you can mix and match from the tapas menu as well. If you’ve got room, the dessert menu includes favorites such as chocolate volcano cake, cheesecake, brownies with nuts, and ice cream.

Atmosphere & Service

Maybe it’s the large copper casks that line the tall walls in the Palermo and Las Canitas locations, but there is a certain kind of warmth found in their ambiance. The wait staff usually exude this sense as well – which, to be sure, is not common in Buenos Aires. With a mix of high tables and stools, regular tables, and booths the bar and restaurant is a great place for large parties or more intimate affairs.

By Contributor Writer Skye Brannon 

Hints & Tips

– Antares has 2 for 1 happy hours on beers from 7pm to 9pm.

– When in doubt, get the sampler!

Hours: Opens at 7 p.m. every day

Website: (Spanish)

Their Facebook page

Las Canitas Location:

Arévalo 2876, Buenos Aires

Tel: (011) 4772 2133

Palermo Location:

Armenia 1447, Buenos Aires

Tel: (011) 4833-9611