About Us


We are native Argentineans who are are friendly, personable &
passionate about authentic Argentine cuisine.

Oh, and we all speak fluent English

Buenos Aires Food Tours is a small boutique tour service that offers a personalized experience. We keep our groups small. With us, you have your own local food concierge. We are a non-touristy, non-commercialized tour company. We offer a different experience. We will not give you a branded hat or a glass of wine with our logo on it and cover stories from a script, with us, our focus is to help you experience Buenos Aires just like locals do by understanding the culture and eating like we do. 

We are born and raised in Argentina with a passion for our city. We know where to dine and what restaurants to avoid.  We developed three exclusive tours; the San Telmo Food Tour, La Boca Food Tour and La Recoleta Food Tour to show locals and visitors the best spots to dine. Our tours also include a narration of the history, architecture and local culture of each the neighborhood. We love to eat and dine the “Argentine way” always with a refined glass of wine either being a Malbec or Torrontes.

Buenos Aires Food Tours is not only about tasting some of the best cuisine each neighborhood has to offer but serves as an introduction to the culture of Argentina – with a local’ point of view.

You will discover what makes Argentine cuisine so different from other Latin American cuisines in barrios ranging from the richest to the modest working-class neighborhood. You will get a taste of the great quality of beef and wine that Argentina is world-famous for. We will keep you on the well-trodden ‘must see sites’, and we will show you the hidden restaurant and eateries that you would otherwise miss.

We will deliver an unforgettable experience in Buenos Aries.